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Our attorneys help you plan for the transfer of your wealth in a tax efficient and cost-effective manner and provide comprehensive and attentive estate-planning counsel. You'll work with a skilled senior attorney experienced in creating lifetime tax-savings planning strategies, ranging from wills and revocable trusts to more sophisticated techniques, including:

  • Family limited-partnerships
  • Limited-liability companies
  • Grantor-retained annuity trusts
  • Sales to intentionally defective grantor-trusts
  • Qualified personal-residence trusts
  • Charitable split-interest trusts
  • Business-succession planning
  • Asset-protection planning

We're also adept at generation-skipping transfer tax planning and life-insurance planning, including preparing life-insurance trusts.


12/22/2017 President Trump Signs Tax Reform Legislation
12/12/2017 Private Client Services 2017 Year-End Advisory
11/09/2017 Domicile and Residence
11/09/2017 Strategies For Owning Property In Multiple States
11/01/2017 Connecticut Estate Tax Exemption Increased
08/09/2017 Trusts in Divorce: The Connecticut Supreme Court Speaks in Ferri
02/06/2017 A 2017 Repeal of the "Death Tax?"
12/15/2016 Private Client Services 2016 Year-End Advisory
08/17/2016 New Proposed Regulations Concerning Valuation Discounts
07/27/2016 Portability: A Useful Estate Planning Tool
12/22/2015 2015 Year-End Estate Planning Advisory
07/15/2015 Connecticut Budget Set to Impact the State's Highest Earners
02/26/2015 Obama Administration's 2016 Budget Proposal
12/22/2014 2014 Year-End Estate Planning Advisory
06/02/2014 Significant Changes to New York Estate and Income Tax Law Effective April 1, 2014
02/03/2014 Estate Planning For Your Digital Assets
12/06/2013 2013 Year-End Estate Planning Advisory
04/30/2013 Income Tax Provisions of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and Other Recent Legislation
01/14/2013 Estate Planning Ramifications of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
10/16/2012 Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions Scheduled to Take Effect on January 1, 2013
06/21/2012 Window May Be Closing Soon on Significant Estate Planning Opportunities; Federal Estate and Gift Tax Provisions Set to Expire on December 31, 2012
12/27/2011 Significant Estate Planning Opportunities Available Until the End of 2012
11/17/2011 Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Couples
06/10/2011 2010 Federal Estate, Gift & GST Tax Changes May Affect Your Estate Plan
12/22/2010 New Legislation Affecting Estate, Gift and GST Tax Finally Enacted - Special Year-End Gift Opportunities Available
11/29/2010 2010 Year-End Planning Opportunities
10/29/2010 Strategies for Owning Property in Multiple States
02/01/2010 Should You Convert Your Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA?
01/26/2009 A Silver Lining? Recent Market Declines May Present Estate Planning Opportunities
08/18/2008 2009 Federal Estate Tax Changes Focus Attention on State Estate Taxes
Non-Residents May Also Face State Estate Taxes
11/08/2007 Estate Planning: There's More at Stake than Just Taxes
06/28/2007 Domicile and Residence
11/16/2006 Update on Recent Developments
08/09/2006 Paying for Education Expenses
11/01/2000 Community Property States versus Common Law Property States

Published Works

02/02/2015 Build Estate Plans with Commercial Real Estate InterestsEstate Planning, Vol. 42, No. 2
12/01/2010 Business Succession as an Evolutionary ProcessTrusts & Estates
08/25/2010 Fate of Famed Art Collection UnresolvedTrusts & Estates
07/28/2010 The Future of PhilanthropyTrusts & Estates
06/23/2010 A Second Golden Age of American Philanthropy?Trusts & Estates
08/24/2006 Estate Tax Deferral if Estate Assets Consist Largely of Closely Held Business Interests: Internal Revenue Code ยง6166Tax Newsletter of the Connecticut Bar Association, August 2, 2006
04/20/2018 Trust and Estate Planning: Helping Business Owners Keep What They Have Earned
02/27/2018 Planning for Change of Domicile to Florida: Help Your Clients Do It Successfully
12/19/2017 A Roadmap to Navigating the Complex Interactions Between Trust Law and Divorce Law
11/09/2017 Planning for Change of Domicile to Florida: Help Your Clients do it Successfully
06/06/2017 Estate Planning for Education Expenses Webinar
05/17/2017 Issue Spotting in Matrimonial Actions: Trust Interests, Inheritances & Estate Planning
03/17/2016 Wills, Trusts & Estates, and Probate Court
06/18/2015 Migration and Mitigation
06/16/2015 Estate Planning with Education Trusts and 529 Plans
06/10/2015 Estate Planning Update
04/22/2015 Hot Topics in Estate Planning
03/26/2015 Planning for a Successful Business Exit
03/19/2015 Wills, Trusts, & Estates, and Probate Court
02/19/2015 Duress & Undue Influence in Estate Planning
01/14/2015 Will Contests: Common Grounds for Challenges and Potential Strategies for Avoiding and Defeating Them
05/28/2014 Trust Investments: A Guide to Trustee Duties & Liability Under the UPIA
04/23/2014 The New Mindset for Estate Planning After ATRA 2012
03/06/2014 Preparing Gift Tax Returns
02/06/2014 CLE Nuts and Bolts: Wills, Trusts, & Estates, and Probate Court
04/24/2013 Estate Planning for the Family Business Owner
04/25/2012 Estate and Succession Planning for the Family Business Owner: A Practical Guide
11/16/2011 Crossing State Borders in Trust & Estate Law: What the New York Practitioner Needs to Know about Florida, New Jersey, Delaware & Connecticut
10/26/2011 Family Business Succession
07/27/2011 Estate Planning for Business Owners
10/27/2010 Estate Planning During a Time of Uncertainty
10/22/2010 Ultimate Estate, Retirement & Financial Planning Conference
10/22/2010 Adventures in Generation Skipping Planning
10/20/2010 Crossing State Borders in Trust & Estates Law: What the New York Practitioner Needs to Know about FL, NJ, DE and CT
09/28/2010 Estate Planning Course for Parents
09/16/2010 Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax: Overview and Planning Opportunities
05/13/2010 Hot Topics in Estate Planning 2010
04/29/2010 Estate Planning in 2010
04/27/2010 Estate Planning in 2010
05/01/2008 2008 Spring Estate Planning Seminars

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