Our commitment to our communities and our profession—both as a corporate citizen and as individuals—is evident in the extensive, generous and effective contributions we make to civic organizations, education, the legal profession and our neighbors who cannot afford competent legal counsel.

You'll find Wiggin and Dana attorneys serving in leadership positions not only in the bar association and legal groups, but also in educational, charitable, and civic organizations in the communities where they work and live. We view our pro bono work as an important part of our professional service, so it receives the same focus and firm support as our top-quality client service.

Further, to help assure a strong future for the legal profession our partners help educate aspiring attorneys at the region's premier law schools. And we're good neighbors as well, with our people—staff, associates and partners alike—actively supporting the arts, commerce and social-service organizations that nurture our communities, with their time, talents and financial contributions.

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