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11.21.2014It's Time (Really!) To Prepare For Increased Whistleblowing Activity
11.17.2014False Claims Act Settlements at Torrid Clip for FY 2015
11.12.2014Big Changes to the OFCCP's Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing
11.7.2014California Reports 600% Increase in the Number of Individuals Affected by Data Breaches
11.7.2014FCC Gives Companies Six Months to Seek Retroactive Waiver of Fax Ad Rule
11.4.2014Who Owns the Monkey Selfie?
10.31.2014Time to Focus on Compliance Programs Again: SEC Enforcement Actions and Sanctions Are On The Rise
10.28.2014Cybersecurity by Design: FDA's Final Guidance for the Medical Device Industry
10.7.2014FTC Publishes Revised Guides for Advertising Allowances and Other Merchandising Payments
10.6.2014DoJ's 10-Point Compliance Framework
10.3.2014False Claims Act Update: Heightened Risk and Record Settlements Predicted in Fiscal Year 2015
9.30.20142014 Summary of Key Connecticut Legislation Relating to Providers of Services to the Elderly
9.18.2014Second Circuit Further Limits Restitution to Corporate Victims of Crime
9.10.2014The Irregular Results of Using Regular Mail for FMLA Notices
8.26.2014Down the Rabbit Hole: Ensuring Compliance for Labeling Pharmaceuticals
8.13.2014Border Search Contributes To Conviction In IEEPA Prosecution
8.13.2014FinCEN Provides Guidance to U.S. Financial Institutions on Creating a Strong BSA/AML Compliance Culture
8.12.2014Piercing the Attorney-Client Privilege: The Delaware Supreme Court Orders Wal-Mart to Turn Over Privileged Material Concerning Its Handling of an Internal FCPA Investigation
8.5.2014Insurance News, Summer 2014
8.5.2014Insurance News, Summer 2014 (Excerpt on Art Law)
8.4.2014FinCEN Report Indicates Greater Scrutiny of Bitcoin Related Transactions
8.1.2014EEOC Issues New Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination
7.15.2014Ninth Circuit Holds Franchisor is Not Liable for Franchisee's Text Message Advertising
7.3.2014Recent Amendment Clarifies Connecticut's Paid Sick Leave Act
6.30.2014Canadian Authorities Charge American Executives With Foreign Corruption Violations
6.26.2014HALOS Bill Seeks to Remove Uncertainty That May Burden Investor Forums and Similar Events
6.25.2014SEC Orders Investment Adviser to Disgorge Two Years of Fees and Pay Substantial Fine for Violation of "Pay-To-Play" Rules
6.20.2014Abstract Ideas Require Something More than Implementation on Generic Computer to be Patent Eligible
6.18.2014Delaware Supreme Court Holds that Fee-Shifting Bylaws are Presumptively Valid
6.18.2014Export Basics For The UAV Industry
6.5.2014Second Circuit Affirms SEC Settlement Policy
6.2.2014Significant Changes to New York Estate and Income Tax Law Effective April 1, 2014
5.6.2014Staying One Step Ahead: Does Privilege Still Protect Internal Investigations?
4.17.2014SEC's OCIE Issues Cybersecurity Risk Alert and Sample Information Request
4.14.2014EEOC Issues New Guidelines on Religious Garb in the Workplace
4.14.2014HIPAA Enforcement Update
4.14.2014Licensing In the European Union: The European Commission Adopts New Regulations and Guidelines for Applying EU Competition Law To Technology Transfer Agreements
4.9.2014Proper Prescription and Controlled Substance Practices: A Review of Federal and State Requirements
4.9.2014The Connecticut Prescription Monitoring and Reporting System
4.8.2014Judge Green Lights FTC's Data Security Case Against Wyndham Worldwide
4.7.2014Disclaiming Consequential Damages and Lost Profits
4.7.2014What You And Your Acquaintances Say Can Hurt You: Affirmance of Gupta Conviction Offers Lessons on Insider Trading Investigations
3.27.2014SEC Holds Roundtable on Cybersecurity
3.26.2014‘Kill Chain' Analysis of Target Data Breach is a Chilling Read for Corporate Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals
3.20.2014District Court Judge Applies ‘Negative Multiplier' to Reduce Requested Attorneys' Fees
3.17.2014Commerce Department Hints at Broadening Export Enforcement
3.13.2014Second Circuit Limits Available Restitution to Corporate Victims of Crime
3.11.2014Second Circuit Expands SEC Insider Trading Liability for Disgorgement
3.4.2014New Guidance on Providing Financial Services to Medical Marijuana Businesses
2.21.2014Cybersecurity Updates Newsletter, February 2014
2.18.2014Common Employee Handbook Policies Raising Red Flags with the NLRB
2.11.2014Cybersecurity Legislation: Is Congress Ready?
2.6.2014SEC to Examine RIAS and B-Ds for Cyber Security Procedures and Protections
2.3.20142014 - 2015 H-1B Visa Cap Season Soon Approaching
2.3.2014Estate Planning For Your Digital Assets
1.30.2014EPCRA Tier II Reporting Changes Now in Effect
1.30.2014SEC Issues Risk Alert on Alternative Investment Due Diligence
1.28.2014Federal Contractors: Meet the New Cybersecurity Standards or Lose Your Government Book
1.28.2014Supreme Court Limits Removal of State Attorney General Actions to Federal Court
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