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11.9.2017Domicile and Residence
11.9.2017Strategies For Owning Property In Multiple States
11.6.2017Insurance News, Fall 2017
11.2.2017Massachusetts Adopts Minority Rule in Determining Priority Among Policies
11.1.2017Connecticut Estate Tax Exemption Increased
10.9.2017New Executive Order Extends Reach of North Korea Sanctions to Foreign Businesses
9.28.20172017 Summary of Key Connecticut Legislation Relating to Providers of Services to the Elderly
9.11.2017EEO-1 Update
9.8.2017Education Secretary Signals Shift in Title IX Policy for Dealing with Sexual Misconduct Allegations
9.5.2017New Sanctions Targeting Venezuelan Government and State-Owned Entities
8.29.2017Federal Law Does Not Preempt Employee Protections under Connecticut's Medical Marijuana Law
8.28.2017New IRS Form 5472 Reporting Requirements for Certain Foreign-Owned Disregarded Entities
8.21.2017Connecticut Expands Protections for Pregnant Employees and Job Applicants
8.18.2017Uber-FTC Settlement Highlights the FTC's Focus on Aligning Security Promises with Security Practices
8.9.2017Trusts in Divorce: The Connecticut Supreme Court Speaks in Ferri
8.2.2017The SEC Speaks Up on Blockchain-enabled Token Sales
7.27.2017Amicus Brief: Tuition Claw Back Case
Mark G. DeGiacomo v. Sacred Heart University, Inc.
6.27.2017Unretained Health Care Providers May Not Be Compelled to Render Opinion Testimony
6.14.2017Connecticut Tuition Claw-Back Legislation
6.1.2017U.S. Supreme Court Broadens the Patent Exhaustion Doctrine in Impression Products v. Lexmark Int'l, Inc.
5.25.2017Second Circuit Addresses Two Hot-Button Employment Law Issues
5.22.2017Supreme Court Drastically Limits Venue for Patent Cases
5.16.2017Insurance News Spring 2017
5.12.2017New York City's Freelance Law Goes Into Effect
5.3.2017Immigration Briefing: What Educational Institutions, Faculty/Staff and Students Need to Know
4.27.2017Connecticut Appellate Court Upholds the Preclusion of Plaintiff's Nursing Standard of Care Expert
4.24.2017Immigration Briefing: What Employers Need to Know Now
4.10.2017Chicago's Pharmaceutical Representative Licensing Requirements Just Around the Corner
3.31.2017Connecticut Supreme Court Confirms That Independent Contractors Are Not "Misclassified" Employees Simply Because They Only Work For One Company
3.23.2017U.S. Supreme Court Eliminates Defense of Laches In Patent Infringement Cases
3.9.2017BioInsights Newsletter, Winter 2017
3.7.2017 SEC Issues Rules Governing Exhibit Hyperlinks and HTML Format
3.1.2017New DOJ Guidance on Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs
2.28.2017Extraterritoriality of United States Patent Laws: Limited Infringement Liability
2.22.2017Philadelphia Beverage Tax - First Payment Was Due February 20, 2017
2.6.2017A 2017 Repeal of the "Death Tax?"
2.3.2017Affirmative Action Update: Disability Self-Identification Form
1.31.2017Immigration Briefing: What You Need to Know Now
1.24.2017Recent OFAC Amendments - Sudan & Iran
1.24.2017The Year In Intellectual Property: A Look Back at 2016 and a Look Ahead to 2017
1.17.2017Consumer Review Fairness Act Prevents Companies From Stifling Negative Consumer Reviews
1.6.2017Although Delayed, New York's Aggressive Cybersecurity Law Expected to Affect Financial Services and Insurance Firms
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