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Wiggin and Dana attorneys from across our practice areas regularly author books, book chapters, and articles in law reviews, journals and magazines on wide-ranging and important legal and business topics. Search our 15-year archive below, containing hundreds of articles, to find insight on critical issues you face.

DateTitle Author(s)
11.17.2017US changes the rules for claims of Nazi-looted art against foreign sovereigns and foreign public museumsInternational Bar Association: Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Jonathan Freiman
David Roth

10.30.2017Restitution for the Corporate VictimConnecticut Law Tribune James Glasser
Joseph Martini

10.25.2017Subsection (D) Of H.R. 985: Misjoinder Of Plaintiffs In Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Actions. Is The Proposed Legislation Necessary To Block Litigation Tourism?The Defense, Fall 2017 Alan Schwartz
Laura Ann Keller

10.11.2017Disassembling Assembler Liability: Are OEMs Strictly Liable for PMA Parts in Aviation Cases?Journal of Air Law and Commerce Kevin Smith
Erik Beard

9.25.2017Tracking Technologies: Privacy and Data Security IssuesPractical Law - Thomson Reuters  Michael Kasdan

9.19.2017Patent Litigation: Mapping a Global Strategy (2017 Update) Practical Law US - Thomson Reuters  Joseph Casino
Michael Kasdan

8.21.2017What Does It Mean to 'Execute' an Insured Contract?Connecticut Law Tribune Michael Thompson
Robyn Gallagher

8.4.2017What To Watch As FDA Begins To Fight Rising Drug PricesLaw360, New York Sapna Palla

8.1.2017Outsourcing 2017: USA ChapterThe International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG); 2nd Edition Mark Heaphy
Tamia Simonis

7.17.2017Exploring the Boundaries of the Fifth AmendmentConnecticut Law Tribune James Glasser
Joseph Martini

7.17.2017How to Shift Your Litigation Strategies For the New IP LandscapeNew York Law Journal Sapna Palla
Andrew Bochner

7.6.2017Update on 2017 Revisions to State and Federal Rules of Practice The Defense , Volume 30-1, Spring 2017 Joseph Gasser

6.29.2017Fourth Amendment Exception Allows Customs to Search Personal DevicesConnecticut Law Tribune, May 24, 2017 edition James Glasser
Joseph Martini

6.12.2017What's Left to Litigate about Forum Selection Clauses? Atlantic Marine Turns FourFranchise Law Journal, Volume 36-4, Spring 2017 John Doroghazi
David Norman

5.31.2017Are New York Law Firms Organized As LLCs Violating the Law?New York Law Journal Judd Lindenfeld

5.10.2017IP Licensing ChapterOxford Handbooks Online, Oxford University Press Michael Kasdan

5.5.2017Ensuring E-mail SecurityARIAS Quarterly - Spring 2017 Michael Menapace

4.3.2017The Compliance Monitor DilemmaNew York Law Journal, Volume 257, No. 62 David Ring
Matthew Cvercko

4.2.2017Why the Supreme Court Shouldn't Allow WhatsApp to Share Data with FacebookThe Wire Aarthi Anand

3.20.2017Cause of Action Alchemy: Little FTC Act Claims Based on Alleged Disclosure ViolationsFranchise Law Journal John Doroghazi
Robert Burstein

3.6.2017Regulatory Oversight of Third-Party Arrangements: Who's Writing the Contract?New York Law Journal Michelle DeBarge
John Kennedy
Timothy Wright

3.3.2017Consumer Review Fairness Act Codified Consumers' Right to ComplainTerraLex Connections John Doroghazi
Robert Langer
Joseph Gasser

2.7.2017Congress Protects Negative Online ReviewsCBIA John Doroghazi
Robert Langer
Timothy Wright
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