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Wiggin and Dana attorneys from across our practice areas regularly author books, book chapters, and articles in law reviews, journals and magazines on wide-ranging and important legal and business topics. Search our 15-year archive below, containing hundreds of articles, to find insight on critical issues you face.

DateTitle Author(s)
10.3.2016'McDonnell' and the Future of Political Corruption CasesConnecticut Law Tribune Joseph Martini
Jacob Sand

9.29.2016Insider Trading Cases Since 'Newman'Connecticut Law Tribune Robert Hoff
Andrew Giering

9.1.2016Global IP Trends: A Guide to Recent International Considerations for Patent RightsCorporate Counsel Connect Sapna Palla
Andrew Bochner

8.25.2016Patent Licensing and MonetizationOxford Handbook of Intellectual Property Law Michael Kasdan

8.9.2016What Courts Are Saying About Software Patents Post-EnfishLaw360 Joseph Casino
Andrew Bochner
Benjamin Daniels
Jonathan Hall

7.26.2016Eight Years after Bi-Economy and Panasia, What is the Law of Bad Faith in New York?Insurance Litigation Reporter Vol. 38, No. 12 Joseph Grasso

7.25.2016How To Reap the Benefits of the New Federal Trade Secret Misappropriation LawConnecticut Law Tribune Mary Gambardella
Joshua Walls

7.14.2016What's Hot in HIPAA Enforcement: A Year in ReviewTerralex Connections Michelle DeBarge
Jody Erdfarb

6.28.2016Cases Applying the Amended Federal Rules Kevin Smith
Laura Ann Keller

5.27.2016With Jurors, Make Sure Goodbye Means 'Forever'The National Law Journal Aaron Bayer

5.4.2016Is It Time to Extinguish CUTPA's "Cigarette Rule"Connecticut Lawyer Robert Langer
Benjamin Daniels

5.2.2016What's Hot in HIPAA Enforcement: A Year in ReviewConnecticut Law Tribune Michelle DeBarge
Jody Erdfarb

4.25.2016Individuals Face New Challeneges Following Yates MemoNew York Law Journal Robert Hoff
Joseph Martini

4.22.2016Second Circuit Had a Busy First Quarter of 2016Connecticut Law Tribune Benjamin Daniels
David Roth

4.21.2016Contract Disputes and the International Sale of GoodsAmerican Bar Association, Commercial Law Newsletter Joseph Martini
Matthew Brown
Judd Lindenfeld

4.4.2016Second Circuit Says Not All Businesses Are Subject to Conn. Court JurisdictionConnecticut Law Tribune Alan Schwartz
Kevin Smith

4.1.2016Disassembling Assembler Liability: Are OEMs Strictly Liable for PMA Parts in Aviation Cases?The Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Presented at the 50th Annual Air Law Symposium, SMU Dedman School of Law Kevin Smith
Erik Beard

3.28.2016Supreme Court Affirmative Action Case Attracts Bevy of Amicus Briefs Connecticut Law Tribune Aaron Bayer

3.24.2016Cultural Property ProsecutionsUnited States Attorneys' Bulletin David Hall

3.7.2016Hone a Plan to Meet Evolving Regulatory ExpectationsNew York Law Journal David Hall
John Kennedy
Conor Mullan

3.7.2016Cellphone User Protection Law Puts Businesses in PerilConnecticut Law Tribune John Doroghazi
Kim Rinehart

3.1.2016Insider Trading Showdown: "Personal Benefit" to be Tested at the U.S. Supreme CourtAmerican Bar Association Robert Hoff
Ivana Greco

2.25.2016Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement in 2016: In Like a Lamb, Out Like a LionTerraLex Connections Joseph Martini

2.24.2016Depositions Overseas or Deposities in Het BuitenlandTerraLex Connections Alan Schwartz

2.24.2016Financial Regulators Have Cyber on Their John Kennedy

2.24.2016State Antitrust Law and the ConstitutionTerraLex Connections Robert Langer

2.4.2016The New Biosimilars FrontierAmerican Bar Association Sapna Palla
Monica Kolinsky

2.1.2016Corporate Liability for HospitalsFor the Defense, February 2016 Issue Erika Amarante

1.20.2016Cybersecurity in the U.S.: Living with Regulatory UncertaintyTerralex Connections David Hall
John Kennedy
Conor Mullan

1.15.2016Autism Policy Do's and Don'ts for WaterparksWorld Waterpark Magazine, January 2016 Erik Beard

1.2.2016Venture Start-Up Kit Michael Grundei
Paul Hughes
Scott Kaufman
Evan Kipperman
Frank Marco
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