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Wiggin and Dana attorneys from across our practice areas regularly author books, book chapters, and articles in law reviews, journals and magazines on wide-ranging and important legal and business topics. Search our 15-year archive below, containing hundreds of articles, to find insight on critical issues you face.

DateTitle Author(s)
2.8.2018U.S. Economic Sanctions Update: Key Changes in 2017 & What They Mean for U.S. and Non-U.S. BusinessesTerraLex Connections Newsletter, 2018, Edition 1 Tahlia Townsend
Dana Stepnowsky

2.8.2018High Stakes For Seamen In The Second Circuit: The Application Of Res Ipsa Loquitor In The Context Of Seamens' Personal Injury ClaimsTerraLex Connections Newsletter, 2018, Edition 1 Joseph Grasso
Laura Ann Keller

2.5.2018DOJ's New FCPA Enforcement Policy: Clarity for Companies and a Warning for IndividualsConnecticut Law Tribune James Glasser
Joseph Martini
Judd Lindenfeld

1.30.2018Privacy Upheaval: Exploring the Impact of the GDPR on Companies Sponsoring and Managing Global Clinical ResearchLife Science Compliance Update Michelle DeBarge
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