Litigation and Regulatory Compliance



Recent representative matters:

We won a significant patent infringement case in 2017, convincing the Federal Circuit to hold that a major multi-national’s patent on an aerospace component used worldwide is invalid.

We convinced the California Supreme Court to recognize, for the first time, an equitable principle in an area of that state’s insurance law, reversing the intermediate court of appeals and the trial court and allowing our client to pursue a claim directly against an insured’s independent counsel for reimbursement of millions of dollars in excessive fees.

In Doe v. Zedillo, we convinced the Second Circuit that the district court lacked jurisdiction over claims brought against the former President of Mexico related to events occurring during that nation’s Zapatista uprising.

In an unfair trade practices case, we persuaded the Connecticut Supreme Court to reverse what was then both the largest commercial judgment and the largest class-action judgment in that state’s history, a $35 million verdict against an auto insurer regarding its contracting practices with auto repair providers.

In Yale University v. Konowaloff, we persuaded the Second Circuit to reject claims seeking restitution of one of the most valuable artworks in the world, a Van Gogh masterpiece expropriated by Russia during the early Communist era.

In 2017, we obtained a significant victory for a health care provider in the Georgia Supreme Court, reversing the intermediate court of appeals and vacating a multi-million dollar verdict entered by the trial court.

We prevailed in both the First Circuit and Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, convincing the latter to adopt, for the first time, the doctrine of equitable contribution and saving our client millions of dollars.

We convinced the Second Circuit to vacate a sentence entered against our client under the Espionage Act as procedurally unreasonable.

We obtained a significant victory in the Connecticut Supreme Court regarding the judicial creation of federal congressional redistricting maps, where the state legislature had failed to agree on a redistricting plan.

We persuaded the Eleventh Circuit to reinstate a $10 million recoupment claim brought by a legal malpractice insurer.

In Edgerton v. Town of Clinton, we convinced the Connecticut Supreme Court to overturn an $11 million jury verdict against a town on the basis of governmental immunity.