Litigation and Regulatory Compliance

Art and Museum Law


Representative matters include:

  • Representation of London antiquities dealers in connection with seizure of a Persian artifact by a New York District Attorney
  • Defense of a European government and museum foundation in connection with quarter-billion-dollar restitution claims to medieval German art
  • Advising a European museum on U.S. legal issues connected with negotiated restitution of artwork
  • Representation of a university in a dispute with a South American government over archeological artifacts
  • Defense of a university against a claim by French citizen to a Van Gogh painting nationalized by Russia and received via bequest
  • Representation of an auction-house owner in connection with a grand jury investigation
  • Advising museums on acquisition issues, including cultural property, provenance, and export issues, ranging from Greek sculpture to Asian jewelry to European paintings
  • Representation of a gallery owner in a dispute with an investor over joint ventures in art works
  • Representation of insurers in connection with a university's claims for casualty loss to "fine arts"
  • Representation of a private arts foundation in dispute with a major museum involving copyright issues and sales of reproductions of modernist works
  • Representation of art dealers in dispute with the estate of a major artist over ownership and possession of commissioned art works
  • Representation of major private collector in a dispute with a gallery over commissioned works
  • Representation of a bank in connection with loans secured by art as collateral
  • Representation of a prominent abstract expressionist in art-related litigation
  • Representation of insurers in connection with a claim for casualty loss of a warehoused private collection
  • Representation of investors in litigation against a managing member of an art investment fund
  • Representation of an artist accused of copyright infringement
  • Representation of an artist in a dispute with a consignee
  • Representation of an insurer in the analysis of foreign cultural property and export laws
  • Representation of an insurer in connection with a Nazi-era restitution claim
  • Advising museums on the resolution of issues involving abandoned loans
  • Advising artists' foundations on responses to listing or sale of forged or misattributed works