Real Estate, Environmental, Construction and Facilities

Corporate Real Estate

The Wiggin and Dana Corporate Real Estate Practice Group acts as outside counsel to numerous real estate departments of large corporations and institutions that have significant commercial real estate portfolios across the US or internationally.

These representations, some of which involve millions of square feet of active real estate, entail providing guidance on RFPs and letters of intent; negotiating complex office and retail leases and amendments; due diligence for real estate acquisition and disposition; negotiating construction documents; buying and selling property requiring significant title, land use, and environmental acumen; contract enforcement; addressing post-occupancy issues with landlords and lenders; and general real estate counsel for headquarters properties.

We excel in coordinating large teams, including transaction managers, brokers, construction managers, architects, and in-house counsel, so as to efficiently and effectively complete a transaction in a timely manner while minimizing delay and legal exposure. The Wiggin and Dana Corporate Real Estate Practice Group has earned a reputation for thorough legal analysis, in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate, meticulous attention to detail, an unwavering dedication to helping to realize our client's business plan, and the acumen to understand the "big-picture" in real estate transactions. With experience internationally, we understand the regional and local customs for commercial real estate and can therefore manage the expectations of the parties through aggressive, yet strategic, risk-based negotiations.

Our corporate real estate partners depend on Wiggin and Dana not only to take the front line in negotiating and closing deals, but to partner with our clients throughout the life cycle of its real estate, starting with strategy and financing, continuing with the negotiation of leases, purchase agreements, and economic incentive documents, guiding the construction process, and continuing after occupancy to assist clients with lease enforcement, including the resolution of landlord/tenant disputes, and any future amendments necessary to effectuate our clients' business plans.

We pride ourselves on being an entrepreneurial partner with our clients, understanding their business and financial constraints, and working efficiently as part of a team to meet deadlines, implement strategies, and minimize legal risks. Our experience has allowed us to develop an efficient and timely team approach which involves working closely with leasing administrators, in-house counsel, property managers, contractors, architects, and other client representatives to ensure that the sheer volume of a company's portfolio does not overwhelm the internal real estate group, allow important deals to lack attention or timelines to be missed. Our approach includes thinking outside of the box to handle difficult issues, and we have the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to provide suggestions for alternative approaches to get deals done, embrace our clients' need to meet business deadlines, implement strategies, and minimize legal risks.