With extensive experience in the multi-faceted area of real estate development and redevelopment, our attorneys work to help a wide-range of clients—from commercial developers to municipal agencies to nonprofit organizations—extract the greatest value from their projects while efficiently guiding them through the increasingly complex regulatory maze.

Our ability to advise clients on highly complex matters derives from our experience, knowledge and intensive hands-on approach, partnering with clients to understand and embrace their objectives and help make them realities. For-profit and nonprofit developers and sponsors, institutional and individual investors, lenders and underwriters, count on us for sound representation before planning and zoning and other local land use commissions and deft guidance through multi-layered federal and state housing, tax credit, and environmental laws and regulations.

From negotiating options and purchase agreements to dealing with assorted regulatory commissions, from negotiating the terms of development and financing agreements to tax structuring, from construction agreements to leases or sales, we provide comprehensive and thorough counsel that helps avoid pitfalls and delays, saving time and money—and at reasonable rates.

We routinely and effectively deal with both large and small development or redevelopment projects involving shoreline developments, affordable housing, historic rehabilitation projects, urban and suburban redevelopments, Brownfields redevelopments, green developments, senior and assisted living facilities and conversions of military and government facilities.