Positioning Your Startup Company for Growth

December 17, 2010
UCONN Avery Point, MAR #103 Seminar Room

Please join us for a seminar as part of our Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship Seminar Series, designed to provide research faculty, students, and small businesses insights about bringing technology to market. This 3 session seminar series is hosted by the Technology Incubation Program (TIP) @ Avery Point campus.

This seminar series will be led by Frank Marco who will provide an overview of topics that an entrepreneur needs to address in order to be successful in "Positioning Your Startup Company for Growth." Session #1 of this 3 part series will address the following areas for existing entrepreneurs or folks that are thinking about a possible new technology start-up venture:

Session #1

Getting Started – The Foundation for Growth and Financing

  • The essentials for building a scalable business
  • LLC vs. corporate structure
  • Valuation – the theory and the reality
  • Considerations in financing a business
  • Sources of financing and what is best for the business model
  • Getting seed and pre-seed investors
  • The role of mentors, advisors and directors

Financing the Emerging Growth Enterprise

  • What is involved in a venture transaction and what is the process from outset to closing
  • How to find investors
  • Presenting the business to investors – use of decks, executive summaries
  • What are the key terms
  • Due diligence and other action items
  • Issues in selling securities
  • Review of an investor term sheet