Litigation and Regulatory Compliance



We counsel colleges, universities, independent secondary schools, preparatory schools, and other educational institutions on a full range of legal issues, including

Student issues

  • Title IX compliance issues and investigations
  • Student disciplinary matters
  • Disability accommodations
  • Housing, academic, and admissions issues
  • International programs
  • Student privacy (FERPA, HIPAA, and other federal and state privacy laws)

Title IX and other regulatory compliance

  • Title IX and Clery Act compliance
  • Campus safety
  • FERPA and student privacy
  • Freedom of information laws (FOIA)
  • Federal regulations governing human participant research and scientific misconduct
  • Regulation of online courses

Cybersecurity and Privacy

  • Compliance with data security and financial privacy laws
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessments
  • Privacy and data security plans and employee training
  • Review of outsourcing contracts to ensure data protection
  • Assistance with data incident planning and response
  • GDPR compliance
  • FERPA and student privacy
  • Internal investigations, government investigations, litigation

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Labor, employment, and employee benefits

  • Faculty employment, promotion, and tenure
  • Personnel policies and manuals
  • Defending claims of wrongful discharge, discrimination, and sexual harassment
  • Design and implementation of employee benefits plans and programs
  • Qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation, executive compensation, and employment agreements

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  • Institutional immigration sponsorship strategy and policies for recruiting, hiring, and retaining short- and long-term international faculty/employees
  • Institutional immigration strategy and policies related to international and DACA students
  • Temporary non-immigrant and permanent residence/immigrant processes through institutional employment-based sponsorship of faculty and employees, including Special Handling PERM Alien Labor Certification applications and Outstanding Professor/Researcher, EB-1, and NIW petitions
  • Global visa and international travel strategy for U.S. faculty/students going abroad
  • I-9 and IRCA compliance/training

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Commercial contracting

  • Information technology (IT) licensing and implementation
  • Outsourcing
  • Equipment leases
  • Government contracts
  • Business services and consulting contracts
  • Agreements with other educational institutions and programs

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Real estate and facilities

  • Acquisition, sale, disposition, and leasing of real property
  • Construction and design matters, including negotiation and drafting of contracts with architects, engineers, and contractors
  • Telecommunications matters, including distributed antenna systems, dark fiber installations, and cell site leasing and development
  • Land use and zoning
  • Environmental matters, alternative energy, onsite power generation solutions, and green initiatives
  • Property tax valuation and exemption matters

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  • Trial court litigation in state and federal courts, including class actions
  • Appeals in state and federal courts
  • Mediation and arbitration proceedings
  • Litigation involving educational institutions, including tenure denials, terminations and other employment actions, student discipline, commercial transactions, art and antiquities, civil rights and constitutional claims, and property tax matters

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Government investigations

  • Representation in state and federal investigations, including investigations and enforcement actions by state attorneys general, state departments of education, the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Justice
  • Assistance in conducting internal investigations

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Export and economic sanctions compliance

  • Investigate potential violations of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanction regimes
  • Assist with policies, training, audits, licenses, and internal investigations related to
    • Research collaboration with foreign institutions, academics, and graduate students, and academic visits to or from sanctioned countries
    • Acceptance of funding from private sponsors who might wish to restrict publication (and thereby jeopardize universities' use of export exemptions for fundamental research)
    • Exposure of research equipment and results to unauthorized international graduate students and faculty
    • Misdirected e-mails, mistaken Internet or intranet postings containing export-controlled information, and movement of data (including e-mail) to the Cloud
    • Research involving cutting-edge (and often export-controlled) technologies, such as drones

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Tax exemption and corporate governance

  • Board governance, including conflicts of interest
  • Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act compliance
  • IRS Intermediate Sanctions
  • Relationships with supporting, affiliated, and for-profit organizations
  • Unrelated trade or business income

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Charitable giving and philanthropy

  • Assist both donors and institutions in all forms of charitable donations
  • Advise on estate and income tax implications of charitable donations
  • Assist institutions in interpreting and administering gift restrictions
  • Help trustees comply with the Prudent Investor Act, prohibited transaction rules, excise tax rules, and related matters

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Intellectual property

  • Copyright and trademark
  • Development and implementation of policies regarding invention disclosures, ownership of inventions and patent protection, and commercialization of intellectual property (IP)
  • Licensing arrangements and technology transfer agreements
  • Sponsored research, grants, and consulting arrangements
  • Prosecution and litigation of patents, trade secrets, trademarks, domain names, copyrights, and other IP rights

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Art and Museum Law

  • Transnational matters and claims involving foreign and international law
  • Managing disputes over ownership and provenance
  • Advising on treatment of abandoned art loans and sales of forged or improperly accredited work
  • Tax, gift and estate-planning matters, financial transactions, and IP issues
  • Not-for-profit governance issues and government investigations, including forfeiture

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