For decades, Wiggin and Dana's Employee Relations Counseling & Litigation Avoidance Practice Group has been advising a wide array of clients—including publicly traded corporations, privately held companies, startups, and tax-exempt institutions—in manufacturing, insurance, education, healthcare, biotech, and more. Our attorneys work closely with in-house counsel and human resources managers to address the full range of employment-related issues and challenges in a comprehensive, cost-effective, and pragmatic fashion, including drafting, review, and revision of employment policies; advice on day-to-day personnel matters; labor-management relations; employment benefits; executive compensation; ERISA; income and employment tax issues; discrimination, harassment, and whistleblower claims; federal OSHA investigations; immigration matters; and compliance with Title VII, ADEA, ADA, FMLA, NLRA, FLSA, and all other federal and state laws governing and regulating the employer-employee relationship.

As part of our employment counseling services, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to implement litigation avoidance strategies by, among other initiatives, developing practical ways to alter, improve, and implement personnel practices that tend to minimize the likelihood of potential conflicts and that best position our clients to defend against any employment claims. We believe that the best time to think about litigation avoidance strategies is before a point of controversy escalates and lawyers get involved, an objective that is best achieved by adopting a proactive approach to conflict prevention and resolution, guided by our experienced employment attorneys.