Real Estate, Environmental, Construction and Facilities


Our environmental attorneys are experienced in addressing environmental risks in connection with an extensive array of transactions and projects, including but not limited to real estate acquisitions and divestitures, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and property redevelopment. 

We work closely with clients to develop contractual provisions that appropriately allocate risks to satisfy the clients’ deal-specific goals, including, for example, the parties’ respective obligations and ongoing liability, as appropriate, under transfer-triggered statutes such as the Connecticut Property Transfer Act.  We counsel clients in connection with the purchase, sale and redevelopment of brownfields sites, including obtaining available financing and liability protections. 

We have significant experience in, and routinely assist with, determining the appropriate scope of environmental due diligence for a given deal and work with consultants to produce timely deliverables for the client.  We identify permits that may need to be transferred or modified in connection with a specific deal and assist with completing the required permit-related activities. We are often called upon to assist with post-closing environmental investigation and remediation as well, including, for example, preparing applications and obtaining regulatory approval for and recording environmental land use restrictions. 

We are well versed in negotiating the scope, and milestones relating to the selection, of cost-effective environmental remedies, both with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state agencies.  This experience includes Superfund sites listed on the National Priorities List and other sites that are the subject of administrative orders.