44th Annual Franchise Convention: Partners in Prosperity

March 6, 2004
MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Real Stories of Effective Franchisee Advisory Councils (FACs) and Franchisee Associations
  • What role do FACs play in giving franchisees a voice and providing opportunities for collaborative growth of a franchise system?
  • What distinguishes FACs from franchisee associations and are they mutually exclusive?
  • What are the most effective and beneficial ways that FACs can be formed and what are the dangers for the system and the franchisees?
  • What are the franchisor’s rights, obligations and overall role with respect to these associations?
  • What are some of the success stories of FACs and franchisee associations in particular systems, as well as the risks involved when associations develop splinter groups or fail to represent the franchisees’ interest?
  • What future role will franchisee associations and FACs play in franchising?
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