Climate Change, Green Development and Land Use Breakfast Seminar

June 10, 200810:30am
Wiggin and Dana, New Haven
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Seminar Overview

Program Agenda

Introduction: The Connection Between Land Use, the Built Environment and Climate Change
Barry Trilling, Wiggin and Dana

The Economics of Green Building: Case Studies in New York and Connecticut
Bruce Becker, Becker + Becker

The Changing Regulatory Environment: An Update on Federal, State and Local Legislation
Scotia Ryer, Wiggin and Dana
Anika Singh, Wiggin and Dana

Climate Change, Green Development and Land Use: Stamford's Approach
Michael Freimuth, City of Stamford
Robert Stein, City of Stamford

In the scramble to address climate change, cities and towns across the nation are implementing efforts to make real estate development more environmentally-friendly. A rapidly changing regulatory landscape has created questions, challenges, and opportunities in real estate development. Wiggin and Dana's Climate Change and Sustainable Development Practice Group hosted a breakfast program on changes we are seeing and can anticipate in the business of real estate development, current and emerging laws and regulations related to climate change and the built environment, and steps municipalities are taking in these areas. The program featured a first-hand account of green development projects in New York and Connecticut and a discussion of the City of Stamford's efforts to address climate change impacts.