Connecticut's Young Professionals: Can Communities Develop To Keep and Attract Them?

April 13, 2012
The Lyceum, Hartford, CT

Wiggin and Dana attorney Anika Singh Lemar will be participating in Connecticut's Young Professionals: Can Communities Develop To Keep and Attract Them? as a member of the young Connecticut professionals panel.

The event will feature Kathryn Foster, Ph.D., Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution, Kip Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner, CT Dept. of Economic & Community Development, a panel of young Connecticut Professionals and municipal and business leaders from throughout Connecticut.

Connecticut is competing with every other state to attract the skilled, educated young talent that in the coming years will staff its factories, lead its companies, build its communities and strengthen its families.

A harsh reality: Connecticut is the 7th oldest state in the nation.

We have lost a higher percentage of our 25-34-year-old population since 1990 than any other state but Maine and New Hampshire. The demographic difficulty denies our businesses the skilled labor they need to grow, our communities the concerned residents and volunteers they need to prosper and our families the close connections to children and parents they need to thrive.

What will help Connecticut win that competition with other states?

Affordable housing? Cool neighborhoods and downtowns? Mass transit? Higher education? Workforce training? Culture and entertainment? Interesting jobs? Strong companies? Nimble leaders? All of the above?

Come hear young professionals, municipal and state policymakers, business leaders, planners and other experts discuss placemaking – the needed physical and social infrastructure that will make Connecticut an attractive place for a new generation to settle.

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