Crossing State Borders in Trust & Estate Law: What the New York Practitioner Needs to Know about Florida, New Jersey, Delaware & Connecticut

November 16, 2011
New York City Bar Center, New York, NY

Whether you are drafting, handling administration, or litigating trusts and estates in New York, you are going to have to deal with assets and persons in different jurisdictions. With the recent increase in the Federal estate and gift tax exemptions, state level planning has become more critical. For the uninitiated, this course will introduce you to some of the major differences between the laws of New York and those of Florida, New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut; for the more experienced practitioner, the course will include updates on recent statutory amendments and developing case law. Among the issues addressed will be differences among the states in terms of: tax schemes; whether it might be worthwhile to advise your client to change her domicile for planning purposes; who is entitled to notice of probate; what evidence is admissible to determine the intent of a testator or settlor; whether the dead man's statute will influence your litigation; and much more. Hands-on practitioners with experience in New York and other states will guide you through the morass, and take your questions.

Program Chair:
Mark E. Haranzo, Wiggin and Dana LLP

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Trusts, Estates & Surrogate's Court, Sharon L. Klein, Chair

CLE Credits: 3.0 professional practice