Executive Presence: Behaving and Performing as a Leader RSVP Version

May 12, 2015 at 5:00pm7:30pm
The Inn at Longshore

Please join the Wiggin and Dana Women's Network for an engaging conversation with Julie Jansen, a highly sought after speaker, author and business consultant to Fortune 500 companies, privately held companies and nonprofits.

Regardless of whether you are a single contributor, manager, or executive, you are expected to act in a consistently professional manner, demonstrate confidence and poise, and be a positive role model for others. Julie's presentation will discuss taking initiative and responsibility, adhering to a code of conduct and ethics, maintaining a positive attitude, respecting others and presenting yourself to the best of your ability. Julie will also describe how to:

  • Present yourself as a leader, both physically and mentally
  • Create a brand that aligns with your personality, expertise and style
  • Promote yourself and develop support for your ideas in an appropriate and persuasive way
  • Be optimistic and manage your stress

Julie has been quoted in Psychology Today, Fortune, The New York Times, Essence, Cosmopolitan, The Boston Globe and other national publications and is a frequent guest on national TV and radio. Julie sits on the Advisory Board for Baruch College's Computer Center for the Visually Impaired and is a career coach for CancerAndCareers.org.

We hope you will join us for this engaging and informative program.