HR Circle Program and Holiday Reception

December 12, 2013
Wiggin and Dana New Haven Office

The hiring process is critical to the success of virtually any organization. This HR Circle program examines the legal considerations, restrictions and requirements that come into play during the application, interviewing and hiring process, and explores best practices attendant to a successful, and legally compliant, recruitment protocol. Participants will come away with a basic understanding of the rules applicable to the on-boarding of employees, and the types of pre-employment inquiries, screening and testing that are permissible and impermissible. We will also cover the various types of agreements used by employers at the hiring stage to provide maximum legal protection.p>

The program will include the following:

Application Process:

  • What types of questions to ask
  • Best language to include in an application
  • What not to include in an application

Screening and Interviewing:

  • Questions you can and cannot ask
  • Required documentation
  • FCRA's involvement in the hiring process
  • Background checks and compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act


  • Recommended offer letter language
  • New employee documents and agreements
  • Codes of conduct and similar policies
  • Immigration law and compliance

Speakers will include Mary Gambardella and Lawrence Peikes of Wiggin and Dana's Labor, Employment and Benefits Department. After the program, join us for a cocktail reception. Wiggin and Dana lawyers will be available to answer your questions and continue discussions about the hiring process.

We hope you will join us for this informative program.