New Haven HR Circle: The NLRB Flexes Its Muscles: Compliance Strategies for Unionized and Non-Unionized Employers

December 5, 2012 at 8:00am10:00am
Wiggin and Dana's New Haven Office

The National Labor Relations Board is aggressively pursuing an enforcement agenda that targets both unionized and non-unionized employers.

Over the past several months, regional offices of the NLRB have issued a host of well-publicized complaints challenging the legality of common work rules relating to at-will employment, workplace conduct, the confidentiality of internal investigations, and employee postings on social media. Compounding matters, in a series of recent decisions, the Board has taken an expansive view of the concept of protected concerted activity, finding disciplinary and discharge decisions predicated on employee misconduct to be unlawful. The NLRB now also has a new website encouraging non-union employees to organize.

This HR Circle program will explore these and other significant developments under the National Labor Relations Act, as well as strategies for compliance by both unionized and non-unionized employers in this fast-evolving area of employment law.