Organizational Ethics

February 7, 20073:30pm
Connecticut Hospital CT

A Program to Equip Hospital Senior Managers with the Tools and Information Necessary to Develop and Implement an Effective Organizational Ethics Program

Hospitals are expected to maintain the very highest ethical standards in both their clinical and business functions. Employees are expected to know, understand, and comply with the institution's ethical standards, and to report potential issues. This program will focus on a systematic approach to dealing with business ethical dilemmas in the healthcare environment. Participants will learn how to develop an organizational ethics program, how potential ethical breaches are identified, reviewed and responded to, and how ethical issues are addressed and reported when they are identified. A problem-solving model that provides a template for making more effective ethical decisions will be shared. By using a proactive approach, participants will gain confidence in their ability to handle the gray areas that create ethical conflicts.

This program has been designed to equip corporate compliance officers, in-house legal counsel, and other senior managers with the tools and information necessary to develop and implement an organizational ethics program for their facility, thereby strengthening their organization's ability to focus on and resolve ethical issues.

Program Speakers:

Maureen Weaver, Chair of Wiggin and Dana's Executive Committee

Bob Minicucci, IMP3 co-founder

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