Tax Planning for Individuals

August 19, 20095:00pm
New York Helmsley East 42nd York, NY 10017-5803
Estate Planning in the Current Economic and Political Environment
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The combined impact of a new president and congress together with unprecedented economic turbulence makes estate planning even more challenging than ever. In this presentation, attorney Dan Daniels, a nationally recognized speaker, writer and practitioner in the area of estate and trust taxation, will discuss ways in which we can turn these difficult times to our clients' advantage. Topics covered include:

  • Current estate tax law -- and what's likely to be the law in the future

  • Critical revisions clients should make in their estate plans to respond to upcoming changes in the law

  • How to respond to clients' anxieties -- and planning paralysis -- in the current economic environment

  • Planning techniques that work best in depressed economic times
  • Resources