The first Wiggin and Dana [email protected] Series event

October 28, 2004
General Electric, Plainville, CT
Wiggin and Dana is pleased to announce the Wiggin and Dana [email protected] Series. Wiggin and Dana is the lead sponsor of this new set of Connecticut Technology Council programs created to facilitate collaboration opportunities between Connecticut's leading technology companies and selected program participants. These programs will highlight the awareness of leading CT technology companies to potential partners, helping to keep CT as the center of innovation and increase the profitability of participants.

Every month these programs will offer a select group of Connecticut firms the opportunity to meet with the leadership of the most advanced technology companies headquartered in the state. The inaugural Wiggin and Dana [email protected] day will be hosted by General Electric. About 50 medium and small pre-selected Connecticut firms will spend a day at a GE research center and present their proprietary products or concepts to a gathering of GE representatives from divisions around the country. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of GE innovation and quality processes, and will have a chance to spend time discussing how the firm might be able to work with the appropriate group within GE's global structure.

Frank Marco, program co-chair, and chair of Wiggin and Dana's Private Equity and Emerging Companies Practice Group stated, "We are excited about jump-starting a new way to build the Connecticut technology economy by identifying companies that our host sponsors are interested in - and providing a structured venue for creating collaborations."

The CT Technology Council is currently accepting applications from candidates for the inaugural event. Candidate firms for this event must have a product or idea that will be relevant to one of the many divisions of GE.

In December, a similar event will be hosted with the technology and IT leaders at the gaming giant Mohegan Sun in Eastern Connecticut. Major events with Pfizer, Pitney Bowes and UTC will follow in the months ahead, along with special programs with innovation leaders from around the country to discuss the current leading theories and concepts from within business and academic circles.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] with a description of your firm's products, technology or concept that you would be interested to present to GE as the basis of beginning a discussion about an ongoing relationship.