The New HIPAA Rules & Regulations

April 29, 2010
John C. Creasy Auditorium, Danbury Hospital

Free Seminar.  Do you have a comfortable understanding of how HIPAA affects your company and its employees?  If you are not sure, or if you think that you are, but you have questions, please RSVP to attend this seminar along with any other employees who may benefit.  The following topics will be addressed:

  • What is HIPAA?
  • Does HIPAA apply to your company and how?
  • Why is understanding HIPAA rules and regulations important to an employer?
  • What systems should be in place to address HIPAA?
  • What resources do companies have to find out more about HIPAA?
  • What information is covered by HIPAA and what health information can an employer receive on an employee and how?
  • What are ramifications if HIPAA rules are not followed?
  • What business instruments are impacted by HIPAA?


Brenda L. Plaag, MS, RHIA, CISSP
Chief Information Officer, Danbury Health Systems

J. Michael Eisner, Esq.,
General Counsel, Danbury Hospital and Danbury Health Systems, Inc.

Michelle Wilcox DeBarge
, Esq.
Partner, Wiggin and Dana