The Second Annual Yale & New Haven Biotechnology Reception

September 20, 20027:00pm
New Haven Lawn Club
The theme of this year's event is Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry. The conference will focus on the process by which medical technologies are taken from the bench to the bedside.


  • Stanley Crooke, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Isis Pharmaceuticals
  • William Rice, Founder and CEO of Achillion Pharmaceuticals
  • Geoffrey Duyk, Executive VP and Chief Scientific Officer of Exelixis
  • Debra Peattie, President and CEO of RCT Bioventures NE
  • Merton Gollaher, Partner at Wiggin & Dana
  • Buz Brown, Director of the Yale Office of Cooperative Research
  • Carolyn Kahn, Managing Director at Connecticut Innovations
  • Vincent Marchesi, Professor of Pathology, Director of Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Michael Snyder, Professor of MCDB, Director of Yale Center for Genomics and Proteomics