What Employers Need to Know about HIPAA and Privacy

November 5, 2003
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Our featured speaker is Jennifer Willcox, an attorney in our Health Care and Employee Benefits Practices, will speak on:

What Employers Need to Know about HIPAA and Privacy.

Most employers have heard a great deal about HIPAA and many are confused about its application to them. Because of the hefty criminal and civil penalties for noncompliance, all employers need to carefully analyze whether, and to what extent, they are covered by HIPAA. For example, if your company provides health insurance to its employees, or collect any kind of medical information about them (e.g., in connection with pre-employment physicals or on-the-job injuries), HIPAA may have an impact on internal administrative operations. Jennifer will review what employers need to do to comply with HIPAA, including drafting privacy policies, revising medical release forms, negotiating with brokers and insurance companies, and addressing the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) rules that will go into effect on October 16, 2003.

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