What Happens When You Mix Green and Brown?

November 18, 2010


Overview: Fast Forwarding the Brownfields Learning Curve 1979 to 2010

Update on EPA Green Cleanup Standards and Verification Program

  • Sustainable Design and Remedial Practices Used in Site Cleanups
  • Risk-Based Cleanups, Vapor Intrusion and Residential Development
  • Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation Transactions

Brownfields and Urban Mixed-Use Developments, and 2009 LEED® Revisions

  • New Construction and Major Renovations or Additions (LEED® NC)
  • Neighborhood Development (LEED® ND)
  • Sustainable Sites and Renewable Energy Incentive Programs (Site Selection and Development)
  • LEED® New Construction Certification Metrics

Mixing Green, Brown and the Other Green (Return on Investment)

  • Evaluation of a Hydroelectric Powered Neighborhood Development
  • Trends in Creative Public/Private Tax Incremental Financing of Brownfields in a Tight Credit Market
  • Sustainable Development Practices for ROI and Competitive Advantage
  • Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Mixed-Use, Transit-Oriented Brownfields Redevelopment Projects

The Road Ahead and Conclusion

Questions and Answers


Barry J. Trilling, Esq., Wiggin and Dana LLP

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