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Fiduciary and Probate Litigation


Settlement Agreements in Estate & Probate Disputes

November 11, 2015

This program will cover the practical process and underlying documentation of settling disputes in estate, trusts and probates. We will discuss the framework of law governing these settlements, goals in the settlement, major provisions in settlement agreements, and common traps."

"Drafting Settlement Agreements in Estate and Probate Disputes"

  • Drafting settlement agreements in estate and trust disputes – and traps that lead to subsequent disputes and litigation
  • Review of major provisions in settlement agreements – release, conflicts, finality, financial, tax, non-disparagement/disclosure
  • Trust terminations and trust modifications by judicial order as a form of settlement 
  • Resolving potential conflicts between a trust document and the settlement wishes of the litigants
  •  Settlements involving trust terminations, trust document modifications, or alterations to trust operations
  • Waivers of a right to a trial probate or fiduciary litigation
  • Undoing settlement agreements that clients later regret