Life After Termination - Ensuring a Smooth Transition

May 4, 2015
Chicago, Illinois

You have just terminated, or are about to terminate, a franchisee, or a franchise agreement is set to expire. Now what? This workshop will address key post-termination franchise agreement terms, including provisions regarding de-identification, transfer of customer lists, post-termination trademark and trade secret use restrictions, non-compete terms, and purchase options. It will also address common ancillary documents such as the collateral assignment of leases and requests for supersedure for telephone numbers, as well as provide practical tips to develop a successful post-termination brand protection process, including sample checklists. Finally, the workshop will discuss post-termination Internet issues, including removing links, listings and references on websites and social media.

The workshop will be given on Monday, May 4, 2015 and Tuesday, May 15, 2015.