To meet the comprehensive legal needs of companies engaged in cross-border transactions involving India, our Wiggin and Dana India Practice Group brings together an integrated, multidisciplinary and multilingual team of international attorneys skilled in vital areas—including technology, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, securities, corporate financing, corporate restructuring, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

We are committed to helping both India-based companies with their business activities in North America, Europe and throughout the world, and US and foreign-based companies with an established or desired presence in India. Our team includes attorneys experienced in practicing law in India and fluent in some of the major Indian languages. Further, we have developed close relationships with law firms, investment banks and the business community in India, whose expertise we draw on when we need on-location help to best serve our clients.

We offer in-depth India experience in a range of industries and vertical markets, including outsourcing, information technology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, publishing, manufacturing, infrastructure and clean technology.