Jonathan M. Freiman

Law As A Seamless Web: Law and War

March 29, 200710:15am
Jurist 10th Anniversary of Pittsburgh School of Law

The conference features four all-star panels comprised of leading lawyers, legal scholars, journalists and technologists from across the United States. Never before gathered in one setting, these distinguished panelists will offer provocative insights on topics ranging from legal implications of war and war crimes trials, to rights and social justice concerns, to the changing manner in which legal news is reported and presented.

"Law As A Seamless Web: Law and War"
Panel 1
9:00 – 10:15 a.m.

Certainly since September 11, 2001, JURIST's coverage of national and international legal news has been dominated by war, images of war, threats of war and the consequences of war – e.g., the "war on terror," the war in Iraq and war crime trials in places as far afield as Guantanamo, The Hague, Iraq, Cambodia and Sierra Leone. The members of this first morning panel have spent decades struggling for justice against impunity, for rights in the face of overreaching power, and for upholding the rule of law even in the face of the most extreme violence.


Jonathan M. Freiman
Lawyer for Jose Padilla
Partner, Wiggin & Dana
Visiting Lecturer, Yale Law School

Geoffrey Corn
Former Special Assistant for Law of War Matters to the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General
Assistant Professor of Law, South Texas College of Law

David M. Crane
Former Chief Prosecutor for the UN Special Court for Sierra Leone
Professor of Practice, Syracuse University College of Law

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