Mark W. Heaphy

Third Annual Yale Asia Tomorrow Conference

March 26, 2011

Restructuring and Innovation

Today's Producer, Tomorrow's Consumer?

As Asia goes through the growing pains of rapid economic development, it must adopt a more balanced growth strategy less vulnerable to the volatility of external demand. How can it emerge from this recent recession by harnessing the power of its 3.5 billion consumers? How might the domestic consumer drive innovation, and how should the global business respond? How could Asia develop an integrative economic framework around the domestic consumer, despite the export competition and nationalistic tensions that have been the status quo of past decades?

Panel speakers to include:

  • Moderator: Mark Heaphy, Chair of Wiggin and Dana's Technology and Outsourcing Group and Co-Chair of the India Practice Group
  • Jonathan Spence, World's most famous professor on Chinese history
  • John Haley, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Towers Watson
  • Paul Cohen, Ketchum