2004 Connecticut Property Tax Update

January 7, 2005 Advisory

Each of the 169 towns in the State of Connecticut is empowered to assess and collect property taxes. The powers of the towns are defined and limited by State statutes, specifically, Sections 12-40 through 12-195h of the Connecticut General Statutes. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12-122, a town must levy such property taxes as are needed to pay all of the current expenses of the town after taking into account all other revenue sources. The Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management ("OPM") has been delegated all functions, powers and duties previously held by the Commissioner of Revenue Services that relate to municipal finance, the assessment or taxation of property, and state grants to municipalities. Section 12-1c. (Among its many functions, OPM publishes annual summaries of legislation impacting municipal property taxes; the 2003 and 2004 summaries are included as Appendix D and Appendix I.)