As Time Goes By - Extending the NYIPLA's Reach

May 1, 2013 Published Work
NYIPLA Bulletin, April/May 2013

From time to time over the years, the NYIPLA Board of Directors has contemplated various ways to extend the Association's reach beyond the existing membership. Illustratively, during the 1991-92 Association year, then-President Peter Saxon requested comment by committee chairs on a Board proposal to admit, as a new class of affiliate or observer members, registered U.S. patent agents, as well as foreign patent agents who are permitted to represent clients before a foreign patent office.

In an April 1992 letter on the subject, Mr. Saxon noted that both groups of patent agents "should be able to affiliate with our Association, since we share common interests. As a practical matter, many of our members regularly deal with U.S. and foreign agents. Since our stated objects in promoting and maintaining intellectual property laws, in educating persons in such laws and in co­operating with foreign associations in harmonizing international conventions are compatible with the common interests of such agents, we [the 1991-92 NYIPLA Board of Directors] would like to consider permitting them to affiliate with our Association."

Mr. Saxon also observed that "The By-laws in Article III, Sections 3 and 4 now provide that a member of the Association who is a patent agent may be a ‘life' member or a ‘retired' member. There was a time when patent agents were members of this Association. We [the 1991-92 NYIPLA Board] believe that they should be considered again."