As Times Goes By - Play It Again Sam

March 20, 2009 Published Work
NYIPLA Bulletin, March/April 2009

Did you ever wonder what it might be like if a patent lawyer were to live forever? A colleague of ours named Charles Yardley Chittick recently gave it a run, and in the process established a record of 107.67, not counting leap-year extensions. Born in Newark, New Jersey on October 22, 1900, he became a registered patent attorney on February 1, 1934.
"C. Yardley", as he was called, was befriended in the winter of his years by one of our own Association's members, Joe Catanzaro. In addition to a shared interest in all things patent, they were fellow MIT alums, albeit having graduation years that spanned a generational gap.
From time-to-time, Joe visited C. Yardley at his home in New Hampshire, including on the occasion of the centenarian's hundredth birthday. Joe recalled that visit in the July 20, 2008 issue of the Concord Monitor thusly: "'He was hanging balloons . . . He always wore his red MIT jacket. Joe said, 'Maybe you should check your jacket and get more comfortable.' And he said, 'You take care of your business and I'll take care of mine.' He was a very determined individual who called them like he saw them."
Apparently he called it like he saw it when he had a run-in with a classmate living across the hall while at Phillips Academy. The classmate was Humphrey Bogart.