Changes to Veteran Self-Identification and Reporting

February 6, 2015 Advisory

VETS-4212 Form Replaces the VETS-100/VETS-100A Forms

Please click here to view a draft copy of the VETS-4212 form. This form will be used for the 2015 filing later on this year. You will notice a very significant change to this form in that it no longer requires contractors to identify the number of protected veterans by specific veteran category. Rather, the new form only asks for the total number of protected veteran employees by EEO job category and the total number of protected veteran new hires by EEO job category.

The Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS), who is responsible for the VETS-4212 form, indicated that the reason for this change was that when veterans were counted by specific veteran category, it was difficult to get an accurate total because some individuals were being included in more than one category.

Changes To Veteran Self-Identification

Because the VETS-4212 form no longer requires employers to report veteran data on the specific category of protected veterans, the OFCCP has changed its position on the self-identification requirements for protected veterans.

As you recall, effective with the revised regulations, the OFCCP required two forms for veteran self-identification. The pre-offer form only required self-identification as a protected veteran. The post-offer form inquired as to the specific category of protected veteran. Contractors now only have to ask applicants and employees to self-identify as a protected veteran. You no longer have to ask to which specific category they belong. So, although you still must distribute a self-identification form at both the pre-offer and post-offer stages, you may now use the same form each time.

Please click here to view the OFCCP's updated FAQ sheet for the VEVRAA regulations. The above items are tagged "NEW".

Please do not hesitate to contact either John Zandy or Robin Martocci if you have any questions.