Connecticut's New Campaign Finance Law Signifies Major Changes for Lobbyists, State Contractors,and Businesses

December 21, 2006 Advisory

If you are a lobbyist, do business or plan to do business with the State of Connecticut, or own or work for a business with a registered political action committee ("PAC"), you should be aware of sweeping new campaign finance reform provisions that take effect on December 31, 2006. These provisions are contained in Public Act 05-5 of the October 25, 2005 Special Session, An Act Concerning Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform for State-Wide Constitutional and General Assembly Offices ("the Act" ).1 The Act, which amends Connecticut laws governing political contributions and state election campaigns, places significant restrictions on campaign contributions by lobbyists, state contractors and prospective state contractors, as well as members of their immediate families. In addition, it imposes monetary limits on contributions through PACs. The Act only applies to state elections; it does not apply to campaigns for federal elections, which are governed by federal campaign finance laws.