From the Editor in Chief - Franchise Law Journal

August 1, 2001 Published Work
Reprinted with permission of The Franchise Law Journal (American Bar Association), Volume 21, Number 1, Summer 2001

Binx Bolling, the protagonist of Walker Percy's novel The Moviegoer , was every editor-in-chief's dream audience:

"Whenever I feel bad, I go to the library and read controversial periodicals... Down I plunk myself with a liberal weekly at one of the massive tables, read it from cover to cover, nodding to myself whenever the writer scores a point. Damn right, old son, I say, jerking my chair in approval. Pour it on them. Then up and over to the rack for a conservative monthly and down in a fresh cool chair to join the counterattack. Oh ho, say I, and hold fast to the chair arm: that one did it: eviscerated! And then out and away into the sunlight, my neck prickling with satisfaction."

Some might say that nobody could ever react link Binx to Franchise Law Journal...