Hot Policies Address Climate Change Issues

February 11, 2009 Published Work
Connecticut Law Tribune, February 9, 2009, Vol. 35, No. 6
The reaction of businesses to the vast, cross-cutting challenge of global climate change has spurred the insurance industry to offer an array of new products and services aimed at reducing climate-related losses, facilitating emerging mitigating technologies, and encouraging carbon trading markets. This article focuses on some of these new products, particularly those supporting the nascent "green" building movement and carbon emission reduction markets.
These products stimulate investment in these emerging areas which, in turn, makes possible cutting-edge developments that hold promise to reduce or mitigate the adverse effects of global warming. Because of the relative newness of these products and the markets in which they exist, significant litigation has not yet materialized. Given the complexities and volatility of the issues, future litigation can be anticipated.