President's Corner

September 1, 2010 Published Work
NYIPLA Bulletin, August/September 2010

As summer draws to a close, I've prepared a short "to-do" list of objectives for my term in office. The focus is to: (a) increase the diver­sity of our membership, including racial, ethnic, geographic, and in-house representation among our ranks, (b) streamline our committees structure to enhance the effectiveness, accountability and productivity of core committees, (c) insure that our Association remains on a sound financial footing to weather what pundits are calling "The Great Recession", and (d) enhance our Association's involvement in proposed IP legislation.

Apropos of item (d), H.R. 5980 was intro­duced in Congress on July 29, 2010 with the stated purpose of promoting job repatriation. In this elec­tion year, few politicians would wish to be branded as not in favor of job creation legislation - perhaps only those not caring about being re-elected.

One provision of H.R. 5980 would replace the "automatic" publication of patent applications, at eighteen months after filing, with publication of merely an abstract of the invention instead. The remainder of the patent application, including the claims, would be publicly unavailable until the patent issues.