President's Corner

March 28, 2011 Published Work
NYIPLA Bulletin, February/March 2011

As you read this column, my penultimate one as NYIPLA President, our March 25th Judges' Dinner will have already occurred. For those mem­bers who were able to attend, my hope is that you had a pleasant and memorable evening.

As an aside, Past President John Pegram observed that all three federal judges honored at the Dinner have names beginning with a "G", causing him to think that I must have a penchant for the letter "G". In an "ah-ha" moment, John recalled that my wife's name begins with a "G". Good golly!

Unfortunately, some of our members were not able to attend the Dinner, for reasons of health, location or schedule. Especially for you, my Wel­come Letter is reproduced below, as it appeared in the Dinner program book.

If you were unable to attend, please feel free to reach out to Feikje Van Rein at [email protected] to request a complimentary copy of the compact disc about Judge Rich's life that was distributed at the Dinner.