President's Speech on Behalf of Judge Rich at the 89th Annual NYIPLA Judges Dinner

March 25, 2011 Published Work
NYIPLA Bulletin, February/March 2011

My name is Dale Carlson. I am most pleased to welcome you to this evening's dinner in my role as NYIPLA President. I am the first President in the NYIPLA's history to be from a Connecticut law firm. This is a testament to the NYIPLA's geographical diversity as the largest regional intellectual property law association in the country - with active members reaching from New York and New Jersey to Connecti­cut and Vermont.

The reason why we call this a "Judges Dinner" is because we take this occasion each year to honor and salute our federal judges. We've done this in good times and bad - through the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, the Dot-com boom and bust, and now what we can only hope is the tail end of the Great Recession. Tonight we honor two judges from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and we salute one judge from the Eastern District of New York.

During a time when basic tenets of our nation's patent system are being called into question, it is emi­nently appropriate for us to honor a staunch supporter of a strong patent system, Giles S. Rich. Judge Rich was NYIPLA President exactly sixty years ago - dur­ing 1950-51. Tonight we mark the diamond anniver­sary of his Presidency.