So You Think You're Safe Under the Antitrust Laws? A Word of Advice to Those Who Would Ignore the States

November 6, 2002 Published Work
Matthew Bender Antitrust Report, Fall 2002

Antitrust practitioners generally consider themselves well-versed in key antitrust principles, cases, and developments. They freely allude to "Colgate" and "GTE Sylvania" -- meaning something other than toothpaste and televisions -- in their everyday conversation. To remain at the top of their trade, they make an effort to stay current on the evolution of antitrust doctrines emanating from the U.S. Supreme Court and the application and development of those doctrines by the lower federal courts. But, all too often, they analyze legal issues presented to them exclusively from this vantage point, believing they have done their homework and fully educated and advised their clients.