Supreme Court Update: Term in Review

September 7, 2006 Supreme Court Update

Greetings, Court Fans!

As the Court's next October Term approaches, we have a parting shot for you from last Term -- our Term in Review, which compiles all our summaries from last Term into one ready reference, organized by subject matter. We've also included a brief overview of the Term along with some interesting quotes and statistics.

Because the document is rather lengthy, we've included a hyperlink below to the PDF on our web site rather than send a large attachment that might clog up your inbox. The link will open directly to the document -- though it may take a while to load. We've also included a hyperlink to the abstract page for the Review, from which you can open the document or save it to your hard drive; this page also includes a link for downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is necessary to read the file.

We hope you find the compilation a useful reference to the Term, and as always we thank you for following the Court with us. We'll see you again soon for the start of the October 2006 Term!

Ken & Kim

Click here to open the Term in Review directly (approx. 430KB)

Click here to go to the abstract page on our web site, where the Review is also available (for those reading this in plain text, the full url is

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