The Story of Three "First" Black Women Judges in the Unites States: Judges Bolin, Stout and Motley

March 15, 2019 Published Work

Wiggin and Dana Partner, Angela Robinson, has authored the book titled The Story of Three "First" Black Women Judges in the Unites States: Judges Bolin, Stout and Motley.

Scant literary attention has been paid to the under-rated contributions of Black Women to the American Judiciary.

The First Black Women Judges recounts three of these stories. Judge Jane Matilda Bolin was the first Black Woman Judge in the United States, becoming a New York State Judge at the young age of 31 in 1939.  Bolin was a second generation lawyer, in a line that continues to produce legal professionals three generations later. Judge Juanita Kidd Stout was the second Black Woman Judge in the United States, and the first Black Woman Judge on a State Supreme Court. Stout was also the first Black Woman to win and election to become a judge. Judge Constance Baker Motley, perhaps the best known of the three women, was the first Black Woman Federal Court Judge. A Civil Rights Legal legend, Baker ushered in a new era for Black women on the bench. Each of these three women led extraordinary lives, and had exemplary legal and judicial careers. 

Angela Robinson, a retired Connecticut Superior Court Judge, has been writing, researching and speaking about Black Women Judges for over two decades. This is her first book publication about three of the women judges who were personal inspirations for her. Following in their footsteps, Robinson became a Judge in 1998, at the age of 33, retiring from the bench in 2018. She is currently the Chief Inclusion and Equity Officer at Wiggin and Dana. Robinson retired from the bench to be able to devote more of her time to increasing diversity within the legal profession and to developing a pipeline to identify, nurture and train those from under-represented demographics. She rejoined Wiggin and Dana, the firm at which she started her legal career, because of the firm’s expressed and explicit commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity.

This book will be available Friday, March 15, 2019. To read more, please click here.