Two Sides to Every Story

July 30, 2002 Published Work
Reprinted with permission of the Franchise Law Journal (American Bar Association), Volume 22, Number 1, Summer 2002

The recent exchange in these pages between Michael Dady and Michael Lockerby on the subject of market withdrawals was not the typical fare of most scholarly legal journals. Several readers have suggested that the tone of the Lockerby piece may have been too harsh. I understand and respect that reaction, but do not share it. Messrs, Dady and Lockerby are not genteel academics mulling abstruse theories. They are hard-nosed (and thick-skinned) litigators representing clients in high-stakes litigation. Their articles were dispatches from the field, where they are contesting matters of real moment to the country's commercial life and their courtroom advocacy is helping shape the law in this important, still evolving area. The Journal is fortunate that each of these able practitioners chose this forum to share his views.