Wiggin and Dana Hosts Climate Change, Green Development, and Land Use Seminar

July 2, 2008 Advisory

On June 10, 2008, Wiggin and Dana's Climate Change and Sustainable Development Practice Group hosted a seminar to address the emerging effects of climate change on private real estate development, municipal land use, and the built environment. Barry Trilling, partner in charge of the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Practice Group, led off the program with a brief background on how concerns about the causes and effects of climate change have resulted in practical consequences to land owners, developers, and municipalities with regard to land use and the built environment. This introduction set a framework for the program's first-hand accounts of cutting-edge "green" development projects in New York and Connecticut, a brisk survey of evolving regulatory regimes on all levels of government, and a lively discussion of the City of Stamford's efforts to address climate change impacts.