Wiggin & Dana Develops HIPAA Privacy Handbook for Long-Term Care Providers

November 29, 2001 Published Work

Wiggin & Dana has developed a handbook for the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging ("AAHSA") designed to assist long-term care providers in implementing the Privacy Rule standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA"). Entitled The HIPAA Handbook: Implementing the Federal Privacy Rule in a Long-Term Care Setting , this manual was developed by Maureen Weaver, Jeanette Schreiber, Michelle Wilcox-DeBarge and Catherine Baatz, who are all members of Wiggin & Dana's Health Care Department.

The HIPAA Handbook guides you through an overview of HIPAA and the Privacy Rule and provides specific guidance on how the Privacy Rule affects different aspects of long-term care. In the HIPAA Handbook, we suggest strategies, procedures and approaches for implementation and compliance and provide implementation tools, including model forms and an implementation checklist.

The HIPAA Handbook is a 250-page manual in an easy-to-use notebook format. It is available from AAHSA for $115 ($99 for AAHSA members).

To order, call AAHSA at 1-800-508-9442 and ask for order item # REG001, or click the Click Here to download a pdf of the order form. Print, fill out and send to AAHSA.

For more information about how Wiggin & Dana can assist you in implementing HIPAA, contact:

Maureen Weaver
Telephone: (203) 498-4384
Email: [email protected]

Jeanette C. Schreiber
Telephone: (203) 498-4334
Email: [email protected]

Michelle Wilcox-DeBarge
Telephone: (860) 297-3702
Email: [email protected]

Catherine P. Baatz
Telephone: (860) 297-3748
Email: [email protected]