Wiggin & Dana's Human Resources Consulting Services

June 1, 1999 Advisory

The United States Supreme Court has indicated that good human resources practices may help employers defend against legal claims brought by their employees. Wiggin & Dana offers a complete line of consulting services to help our clients evaluate and improve the way they handle the broad range of human resources issues that arise in their workplaces. We can supply practical assistance in handling day-to-day matters, as well as provide needed support in managing one-of-a-kind projects. Most services are offered for a competitive flat fee.

Affirmative Action.
Wiggin & Dana will draft and/or update your affirmative action plan. The firm has extensive experience in developing and defending plans. We will work with your employees to design and implement a plan that best fits the needs of your organization. During the course of developing a plan, the firm's professionals will help create internal reporting and auditing mechanisms so you can be satisfied that the plan is an accurate representation of your workforce and in compliance with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program's (OFCCP) most recent regulations. Should your plan be audited by the OFCCP, Wiggin & Dana will be available to defend your plan.

Compliance Reviews.
Drawing on its extensive experience advising and representing employers, Wiggin & Dana has developed a comprehensive compliance review for organizations struggling to deal with the myriad of employment laws and regulations that affect them. The compliance review starts with an on-site consultation to learn about your current operations, including record keeping, and your current policies and procedures. Following the initial consultation, you will receive a detailed report recommending areas for further review. Areas generally considered for review include wage and hour practices, maintenance of personnel files, hiring procedures, discipline and documentation, termination procedures, employment forms, e-mail and Internet use, and drug testing.

In addition to this comprehensive review, Wiggin & Dana offers a specialized ADA assessment. Included in this review is both an evaluation of employment practices under Title I of the ADA and a Title III public accommodations architectural accessibility appraisal. Upon completion of the ADA review, Wiggin & Dana can help you design and develop a compliance strategy.

Employee Handbooks.
Our human resources consulting staff is expert at developing employee manuals. Many years of experience have enabled the firm's attorneys and staff to understand the particular needs of individual clients and to develop policies and procedures that respond both to the law and to the unique aspects of each client's workplace.

The development of a handbook includes a personal on-site visit to explore the needs of your organization. Clients are able to review several drafts of the handbook before finalization so that they are satisfied that the completed manual meets all of their expectations. Our staff will ensure not only that the final product protects your organization to the extent possible, but that it also gives you and your supervisors the guidance and aid that can only come from a well-written handbook.

Our staff is also available to review existing handbooks and manuals. Out-dated or off-the-shelf handbooks often do not provide employers with needed protection. A properly drafted handbook should establish standards and reduce disputes, while retaining the flexibility necessary to deal with an ever-changing workforce. Our review of your handbook will provide the information you need to make sure that your handbook is updated to your benefit.

On-site Training.
Wiggin & Dana has developed training modules that allow employers to manage the law while remaining competitive in today's economy. On-site training is provided and employers may choose from existing modules or more customized sessions. The training provides managers, employees and human resources professionals with practical advice for handling real life workplace situations. The sessions are interactive and cover the basics of a topic as well as current developments in relevant areas. Topics include: Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors, A Sexual Harassment Overview for Employees, Designing and Using Performance Evaluations, Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance, Disciplining and Documenting, Maintaining the Balance Between Technology and Employee Rights, Controlling Absences, An Employment Law Overview for Supervisors, How to Conduct an Effective Investigation, and Successful Hiring.