Robert M. Langer

CUTPA After 40 Years – Why So Many Unanswered Questions?

October 22, 2015
New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven, CT

Wiggin and Dana Partner Robert M. Langer will be speaking at a meeting of the Connecticut Bar Association's Antitrust and Trade Regulation and Consumer Law Sections. His presentation will discuss, "CUTPA After 40 Years – Why So Many Unanswered Questions?"

Attorney Langer will be joined by David L. Belt, a partner at Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg & Knuff, Milford, CT. Attorneys Langer and Belt, along with Quinnipiac Professor Emeritus John T. Morgan, co-author the treatise, "Unfair Trade Practices, Business Torts and Antitrust," which is volume 12 of the Connecticut Practice Series, published by Thomson Reuters. The 1700 page treatise is updated and republished yearly.