Clean Technology

Our Clean Technology Practice Group brings together an innovative multidisciplinary attorney team to assist both emerging and established companies develop and commercialize new clean technology—and help guide venture capitalists and others who invest in those companies.

To help better serve the Clean Tech industry—including developers of new solar, fuel cell, wind power, geothermal, clean coal and other technologies—we have brought together a team of experienced attorneys from a range of relevant practice groups, including corporate, environmental, tax, and energy and utilities. Together they provide comprehensive, interrelated counsel in areas that impact Clean Technology companies—from financing to trade secret protection, from strategic alliances to tax credits, and mergers to licensing and distribution.

Our Clean Tech team has substantial technical and scientific training and know-how along with extensive legal and business experience. As a result, we speak your language and can provide a wide range of legal services to help accelerate your progress to market and viability, both domestically and internationally.